November 10, 2022

Growth and Changes at Well Aware

You may have noticed that Well Aware has grown a lot lately. We have been funding and implementing clean water infrastructure for 13 years now, and are so proud to continue to maintain a 100% success rate for our incredible partner communities in East Africa.

Since our first water well in 2010, we have gone from two volunteers to 14 full-time staff. In the past three years alone, the organization has doubled our funding, more than doubled the team in Kenya, and tripled our number of projects completed per year!

With this progress, we can now change so many more lives with clean water. As with any growth, this also means some changes, and our phenomenal Executive Director, Kareece Sacco, will be stepping down to make way for a new leadership structure that will allow for guidance and oversight of our mission in both the Austin and the East Africa offices with Co-Directors working in unison together. While Kareece will remain involved with Well Aware as an invaluable advisor, she will no longer be leading the Austin office on a daily basis.

Well Aware Founder and Board Chair, Sarah Evans, shared, “I’m certain that we would not have made the impact we have over the past three years without Kareece at the helm of the Austin office. Her devotion and diplomacy have been unparalleled. I’m so proud of her commitment to the lives of others and the wellbeing of the team under her leadership, as well as her decision to support further growth for our mission.”

As Well Aware transitions into co-management of our global teams, all of our existing staff have united to support the organization and our future as the industry standard for clean water work.

With rapid adoption of our new technology, the Well Beyond App, we will remain on the forefront of the most effective way to solve the water crisis. Well Aware will continue to promise – to our communities and our donors – 100% success through the continued deployment of the app to keep our water systems up and running, along with our new leadership structure.

“I believe that new leadership and continued organizational innovation is required to capture the momentum of this new and exciting phase of growth”, said Kareece Sacco. “It has been an honor to lead the Well Aware team in Austin over the past three and a half years and to work for the organization in different capacities over the past seven years. Serving our partner communities in East Africa and working alongside Sarah and our entire team over the years has been the joy of a lifetime and a pleasure I will not soon forget. I have learned so much being a part of this team of passionate individuals who work tirelessly everyday to bring clean water to those without.”

We thank you, our dedicated community, for your unwavering support of our work over the years that has enabled this next stage of growth. The whole Well Aware team is honored to continue to be stewards of your compassion and devotion to changing lives through clean water as we move forward into the many years of even bigger impact ahead.

More to come on our exciting new changes and path forward.

Our deepest gratitude,
The Well Aware Team

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