March 16, 2023

How to Raise More for Shower Strike through Social Media

More than half of people (55%) who engage with causes via social media have been inspired to take further action (Georgetown University). This is a great way to reach more people and raise more funds. And for those who want to support you but can’t financially, this is a super easy way they can share your fundraiser with others!

Before Shower Strike, share your participation on social media by recruiting people to join you in the Strike! Click here for tips on how to recruit your dream team to take on Shower Strike together. Once you kick off your campaign, share your participation on social media by asking your followers to support you in donating to your fundraiser and helping you change lives through clean water! Throughout the campaign, post photos or videos of yourself participating in Shower Strike, share your progress, post clean water impact stories from your toolkit, and don’t forget to include a link to your fundraising page on each post!

Join our Social Media Challenge

  • GRWM (Get Ready with Me), No Water Edition:We all know how hard it can be to get ready in the mornings, but what if you weren’t able to use any clean water from the faucet while you were doing so? This video taps into the ever-popular GRWM videos, combining them with morning routine videos to showcase how often we find ourselves reaching for clean water. Once complete, nominate a friend, family member, colleague, etc. to complete the challenge and tag them in your caption and video.
  • I’m Skipping Showers This Week: This video will focus on you recording the reactions of loved ones, friends, or colleagues when you tell them you are going to skip out on showers for the whole week. This video can act as the first video in a series of videos recorded each day of Shower Strike week. Once complete, nominate a friend, family member, colleague, etc. to complete the challenge and tag them in your caption and video.
  • Walk for Water Challenge – Bottle Edition: Walk 1 mile within 45 minutes–1 hour carrying a water bottle filled with water. Throughout the walk, you are not allowed to drink any water from the bottle. You can only drink from the bottle once you have completed your walk. Film yourself on the walk, what you are seeing around you, and share any thoughts you have during the walk.
  • Walk for Water Challenge – Bucket Edition: Walk around the block, or as far as you can, carrying a large bucket of water. Think a large tub, cooler, mop bucket, etc. You should try to carry this bucket over your head, as many women and children do daily in East Africa. Once complete, nominate a friend, family member, colleague, etc. to complete the challenge and tag them in your caption and video.

Learn more about the challenge and how you can join in.


REMEMBER! Use hashtags like #ShowerStrike and #cleanwaterforlife to add to the social media buzz. Always tag @WellAwareWorld so we can see your efforts! And, include your personal fundraising link in your bio and on every post so people know where to donate.

Other Ways to Share Your Efforts on Social Media

Use our resources. We have so many resources for you to use when sharing on social media. Including:

Get creative.

  • If you have a fun hobby or a special skill- like drawing, sewing, baking, writing poetry, etc.- consider offering your social media contacts something small if they donate! For example, if you love drawing, offer to draw each person who donates a small picture of a singular flower or if you love graphic design, create a t-shirt to sell and profits go to your Shower Strike campaign.
  • Create an Adopt-a-Box Fundraiser. To “adopt a box” your supporters will donate the monetary equivalent of the box they choose (i.e. Box 24=$24). Then, celebrate your donors as you get closer to your goal by marking off every donated box and encouraging others to join you. Your goal is to get all the boxes adopted!
  • The possibilities are endless when you get creative!

Post far and wide to reach a broad audience. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and the list goes on. Make sure anyone you’re connected to online knows about the important work you’re supporting.

  • PRO TIP: All social channels are good social channels. Your network on Facebook will be vastly different from your network on LinkedIn, but each offers its own unique value. Don’t be shy about promoting your campaign across all of them to spread the word!

Update often. No matter what platform you’re using, regularly update your network. When possible, include photos or videos to draw your audience in. And most importantly – always include the link to your fundraiser. If you’re posting to Instagram, include the link in your bio so your network can easily access your fundraising page.

Ask for a share. Not everyone is able to contribute financially to your campaign, but sharing it with their networks increases your reach.


Check out how Past Strikers have used Social Media for their campaign…

How to Leverage Facebook

Great news! You can create a Facebook fundraiser directly from your Shower Strike dashboard. Once enabled, all donations on your Facebook fundraiser will show up on your fundraising page on! This makes it easy for you to leverage Facebook’s tools.

Here’s how to get the most out of this platform:

  • For instructions on how to set up your Facebook fundraiser on the Shower Strike platform, click here.
  • Once created, you can invite friends to donate directly on Facebook, and they’ll receive a notification. You can also make comments, tag friends, and share updates directly on the Facebook fundraising timeline.

**FUN FACT: Strikers using Facebook fundraisers raise more than those who don’t. It increases the visibility of your campaign and makes it easy for your Facebook friends to donate, boosting your impact!

  • Once someone has donated, we recommend tagging them in the donation activity and thanking them for their support. When you tag someone, the post gets shared in your activity feed and the other person’s activity feed, too – helping you get more visibility. This shows that people are already donating to your page, further encouraging others to do the same. (remember success breeds success!)
  • All donations on your Facebook fundraiser will automatically populate on your fundraising page on the Shower Strike website with the name ‘A Facebook friend’. To see who donated, you can go to your Facebook fundraiser page.

Need help brainstorming your efforts on social media or want support setting up your Facebook fundraiser? Email us!


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