May 15, 2024

Igniting Change Podcast: Tapping into Sustainable Water Solutions with Well Aware

“Welcome to our latest episode of Igniting Change, where we dive into the transformative journey of Sarah Evans, from securities law to the forefront of water sustainability in East Africa through her non-profit organization, Well Aware. In this episode, we cover a wide range of topics, including the global water crisis, non-profit funding challenges, innovative fundraising, and the role of technology in ensuring water project sustainability.


00:07 – Introduction to Sarah Evans and her career shift from law to founding Well Aware.
10:00 – Discussing the challenges and misconceptions in non-profit water project funding and implementation.
19:21 – Innovative fundraising with the Shower Strike event and the role of technology in water sustainability.
28:45 – Work-life balance and burnout prevention in the social impact sector.
39:14 – Maximising the efficiency of non-profit funding and the role of technology for good.
45:41 – Exploring the features of the Well Beyond water management app.

Key Points

  • Sarah Evans shares her impactful transition from legal expert to water conservation innovator.
  • The complexities of non-profit work and the necessity for sustainable approaches to water project implementations.
  • Fundraising strategies and embracing technology, such as the Well Beyond app, to empower communities.
  • Balancing the personal toll and rewards of dedicating oneself to social impact work.
  • The efficiency of non-profit funding and its effective utilization for community empowerment.

Join us as we gain valuable insights from Sarah Evans’ experiences and learn how technology can be a game-changer in creating sustainable solutions for water scarcity issues. We discuss the importance of passion in driving change and the ways in which Sarah’s non-profit navigates the challenges of funding and project implementation.”

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