September 26, 2023

Igniting Change through INTERA’s Partnership

In 2016, Well Aware and INTERA Incorporated began a partnership which has allowed our team to amplify our work in more ways than one. This past summer, our lead hydrogeologist, Geofrey Kirwa, spent two weeks in Austin, Texas collaborating with and learning from the intelligent team at INTERA, a local firm delivering geoscience and engineering solutions for the world’s most challenging environmental issues.

“Continuous learning is important because it provides an ever evolving lens to see life through. Without it, the lens will stay the same.” Daniel Lupton, INTERA

The team and Geofrey dissected our current technical approach to hydro surveys, well drilling, testing, and diagnostics to learn from each other. INTERA also introduced new equipment that they currently use that could be feasibly incorporated into Well Aware’s’s operations.

They participated in a round table with INTERA’s Aquifer Characterization Group in order to learn about Geofrey’s typical drilling programs and had open discussions about similarities and differences with what the INTERA team does. Geofrey left his first visit to Austin, with a fresh perspective of incorporating new approaches into his daily workflow and knowing he has the support of the INTERA team at any time. Our Austin- based team attended a lunch and learn towards the end of Geofrey’s time at the INTERA office and very visibly witnessed the exchange of knowledge that occurred within those two weeks.

“INTERA has a strong commitment to collaboration and knowledge sharing. They provided a welcoming and comfortable working environment for myself. Interacting with experts in a particular field exposed me to new ideas, best practices and advanced techniques on how to approach challenges and decision making.” Geofrey Kirwa, Lead Hydrogeologist – Well Aware

We are so thankful for the team at INTERA, for giving their invaluable time and knowledge to our projects team and for always being in our corner. We are also excited to announce that Well Aware and Michelle Pedrazas have won the Ron Lantz Stewardship Award in partnership with INTERA! In short, this means even more project partnership.

Well Aware’s expertise in East Africa coupled with INTERA’s background in geophysics and engineering, this project aims to enhance the geophysical surveying process and improve the subsequent decision-making project process for Well Aware. By leveraging our existing network of projects and utilizing INTERA’s knowledge, we are confident that we can bring about an even greater impact through clean water.

“Well Aware has taken significant steps towards developing a technical approach to qualifying potential projects. Geofrey shared previous project reports and findings with us that showed that Well Aware is using surface geophysics to qualify potential drill targets and they have been very successful with this approach.” Daniel Lupton, PG, Principal Geoscientist & Director of Texas Groundwater Supply – INTERA Inc.

A big thank you to Daniel Lupton, Geofrey Kirwa and Lucy Mokaya for all your work on this, along with Marsh Lavenue and the rest of the INTERA team for recognizing our collective efforts and providing this incredible opportunity. We are honored to work on this project together and for the potential it holds to transform lives.

We firmly believe that reliable access to clean water is not just a basic necessity, but a fundamental right for all, and we are grateful to have partners like INTERA Inc. alongside us in the fight for clean water.

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