Impact Report

Well Aware provides innovative and sustainable solutions to water scarcity and contamination in East Africa. We fund and implement life-saving water systems to drive economic development and empower communities. Here’s how we did in 2021.

A Letter from Our Founder, Sarah Evans

Thank you for choosing to improve the world with us.

One of the greatest joys of being a founder is watching our original company values continue to flow through every layer of this organization. What began 12 years ago as an idea and a copious amount of fortitude is now an incredible team committed to our mission and the high standards we have committed to embodying throughout our important work.

2021 provided obstacles and opportunities that tested these values, and I had the honor of watching the Well Aware team and supporters navigate every new development and transition with a dedication that has deeply humbled me, and every action and step of the way, Well Aware’s focus on innovation, community, compassion, and integrity never wavered.

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Impact & Recognition

  • 100 %

    Of Well Aware’s wells and water systems work. The industry average is 40%.

  • 300 K

    Lives transformed to date through clean water projects in East Africa

  • 90 +

    Clean water projects completed across Kenya, Tanzania, Haiti*, Puerto Rico*, Texas* *disaster relief efforts

  • $ 15

    Provides one person with lasting clean water

THE WELL AWARE RIPPLE EFFECT GOES WELL BEYOND THE WATER WELL:diseases plummet, education increases, gender equality increases, agriculture and commerce grow, economic reinvestments in community, and peace, stability and growth in the region increases.

  • 64 %

    Disease rates DROP

  • 34 %

    Education rates INCREASE

  • 58 %

    Education rates for girlsINCREASE

The Faces of Water

Caroline – Mirera Primary School, Kenya

Caroline is a student at Mirera Primary School in Kenya and dreams of becoming a lawyer. Before her school gained a rainwater system in early 2021, Caroline was always worried about how the dirty water they used affected people’s health. Now that there is a reliable clean water project at her school, she is excited to see everyone she knows become stronger and healthier.

“Water helps us by keeping our home tidy and in the development of our body because it quenches thirst. And, there will be no more time wasted because the time I used to fetch, I now use it to do more important things.”


Catherine – Tututha Primary School, Kenya

Catherine is a student at Tututha Primary School, who loves English and dreams of being a teacher. And, she is very excited about her school’s brand new rainwater system! Before the project was implemented in December, Catherine and her classmates usually walked to collect water from a contaminated river nearby, negatively affecting their education and impacting their health due to frequent waterborne illnesses. Now, Catherine and all 350+ students have access to plentiful clean water right at their school.

“I do not carry water to school anymore. Now I can wash my hands and drink!”

Grace – Merciful Redeemer, Kitengela, Kenya

Grace is a 12-year-old student at Merciful Redeemer in Kitengela, Kenya. She has such a strong passion for education but oftentimes had to miss school in order to collect water with her dad from a source a mile away. But, Grace’s worries are now a thing of the past. With the new water project Well Aware completed in 2021, her community will gain access to a reliable source of clean water which will enable Grace to focus again on her dreams of becoming a teacher.

“We have good teachers here. I want to become one, too.”

2021 Highlights

  • Drilled our first water well after the onset of the pandemic
  • Drilled our highest yielding water well to date in March 2021
  • Broke $1 million in cash raised for clean water systems for the first time
  • Received the Recognize Good Ethics in Business Award
  • Received Platinum Seal of Transparency on GuideStar for the fifth consecutive year (highest possible rating)
  • Named top-rated nonprofit on GreatNonprofits for the eighth consecutive year
  • Launched water system maintenance app with Well Beyond in our partner communities
  • Grew full-time Well Aware Projects Team in Kenya by 50%
  • Increased water project capacity by 90%. Actively working on 38 projects, up from 20 projects worked on in 2020 and 24 worked on in 2019.
Sweetwaters girls students celebrating their well
  • 38

    Water projects actively worked on in 2021

  • 19

    Completed 19 new projects including 4 new wells, 4 new rainwater systems, and 11 upgrades and expansions

  • 7

    Completed needed maintenance on 7 past projects

  • 12

    Investigated 12 new projects for future implementation

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