Impact Report

Well Aware provides innovative and sustainable solutions to water scarcity and contamination in East Africa. We fund and implement life-saving water systems to drive economic development and empower communities. Here’s how we did in 2022.

A Letter from Our Founder, Sarah Evans

2022 was a year of incredible change and growth.

In March, Well Aware completed our 100th clean water project, and, by the year’s end, we had already reached 114 completed projects. As a founder, I’m so proud and excited to watch our team grow and get better and better, year over year. And, I’m deeply honored to have such a fantastic community of supporters – you – that enable this growing mission and team and who, together, create a true force for good.

I can’t thank you enough for all you do for clean water, and I’m humbled to get to oversee our vision as we continue transforming lives with such care and ambition.

Impact & Recognition

  • 100 %

    Of Well Aware’s wells and water systems work. The industry average is 40%.

  • 353 K

    Lives transformed to date through clean water projects in East Africa

  • 115 +

    Clean water projects completed across Kenya, Tanzania, Haiti*, Puerto Rico*, Texas* *disaster relief efforts

  • $ 15

    Provides one person with lasting clean water

THE WELL AWARE RIPPLE EFFECT GOES WELL BEYOND THE WATER WELL:diseases plummet, education increases, gender equality increases, agriculture and commerce grow, economic reinvestments in community, and peace, stability and growth in the region increases.

  • 64 %

    Disease rates DROP

  • 34 %

    Education rates INCREASE

  • 58 %

    Education rates for girlsINCREASE

The Faces of Water

Selina – Tuale, Kenya

Selina is 77 and works as a nanny for the head matron at the school. Before the project, Selina spent many hours at the river collecting water in addition to her job duties. The water she collected was contaminated and created health issues for her and the community. Now, Selina never goes far for water, she is cheerful, and she has time to rest.

“Water is life. The beauty around me has been brought about by water.”

Charles – Tangi Nyeusi Primary School, Kenya

Charles often missed school to help his mother collect water from a river far away, water that was unsafe for drinking and also used by animals. But, this has all changed! Because of the newly implemented water system, Charles will no longer rely on the river for water. With access to clean water, Charles now has better health, improved sanitation, and more time to go to school to fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor.

“Water means everything to me. The well will help us maintain cleanliness and will reduce the cost of buying water.”

Ndanu – Tututha Primary School, Kenya

Ndanu wants to become a teacher because she loves working with younger children in her community.
Prior to the rainwater catchment system Well Aware implemented at her school, the only access to water was a contaminated river and an unreliable well. Now that Ndanu has clean and reliable water, she can focus on school and doesn’t have to carry water from home.

“This water is important because I can’t shower without it. It also means that I don’t have to rely on the river for water.”

2022 Highlights

• Implemented our 100th clean water project in March
• Our team in Kenya is now larger than our team in the U.S.
• 70 of our Partner Communities are now using the Well Beyond App
• Recognized in Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas as a finalist in the Developing World Technology category and an honorable mention in the Water category for the Well Beyond App
• Named a 2022 Classy Awards winner in the Social Innovation category
• Named a 7th Annual Woman’s Way Business Awards winner in the Social Impact category
• Recognized in Top 100 Innovators & Entrepreneurs

  • 38

    Water projects actively worked on in 2022

  • 25

    Completed 25 new projects including 3 new wells, 13 new rainwater systems, and 9 upgrades and expansions

  • 13

    Worked on 13 additional projects. Maintenance on past projects and investigation of new projects for future implementation

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