Letter from Sarah




One of the greatest joys of being a founder is watching our original company values continue to flow through every layer of this organization. What began 12 years ago as an idea and a copious amount of fortitude is now an incredible team committed to our mission and the high standards we have committed to embodying throughout our important work.

2021 provided obstacles and opportunities that tested these values, and I had the honor of watching the Well Aware team and supporters navigate every new development and transition with a dedication that has deeply humbled me, and every action and step of the way, Well Aware’s focus on innovation, community, compassion, and integrity never wavered.


Those obstacles we have all tackled over the past many months have changed us as a community and as a world. For better or for worse, Well Aware and all international organizations are having to adapt to a new landscape, and the past year has emphasized the new risks in carrying out our work now - for our beneficiaries and for our team.


There are also new opportunities, and, at Well Aware, we see each new challenge as an avenue that leads to a stronger organization and mission. And the team here is astounding to watch as they gracefully acknowledge friction and then almost immediately manage the change needed to redirect.

We are ready for this year, and we look forward to increasing our water project capacity again and sharing our new digital tools for water system maintenance across even more communities in our regions of work.

We know that we have only made the progress we have so far because of your support. We know that you put your trust in us to have the greatest impact possible with your contributions. And, we know that, as we continue to grow this work and our teams that execute it, this trust will continue to fuel the ripple effect of our clean water work.

Thank you for choosing to improve the world with us. Your generosity is so deeply appreciated by so many people.

With Deep Gratitude,
Sarah Evans, Well Aware Founder

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