August 26, 2021

It Takes a Village: Virtual Panel on 100% Success

Hear from our virtual panel of experts as we celebrate Water Awareness Month and share behind-the-scenes from our clean water work in East Africa.

You’ll learn more about our 100% success project model, including our:

  • Community-driven approach
  • Team of technical experts
  • Support of ongoing water system needs

Hear from our founder, lead engineer, local structural engineer, and our community team as they dive deeper into our project process and how it truly takes a Village to make clean water for life a reality for so many.


Sarah Evans

Co-founder and CEO of Well Beyond, a social enterprise providing expertise and tools to organizations and governments on water development and health initiatives.

Founder and Chair of Well Aware, an international nonprofit that funds and implements clean water systems for impoverished communities in Africa. Well Aware is known for its sustainability model in building lasting water systems with high impact.

Evans has worked to change the way water projects are executed and managed in developing regions of the world. She has built a team of staff and volunteers who implement and advise on projects that are realistic and lasting through strategic partnerships, true community involvement and empowerment, hygiene and sanitation education, and impact measurement.

Under her leadership, Well Aware’s reputation for project success (100% vs 40% industry average) and cost effectiveness (averaging $15 per person for decades) has prompted numerous collaborations with other NGO’s worldwide to guide their water infrastructure projects. Evans and her teams work with the great potential that already exists in struggling communities while catalyzing development through access to clean water.

Kathryn Bergmann

Co-founder and COO of Well Beyond, a social enterprise SaaS company providing expertise and tools to organizations and governments on water development and health initiatives.

Kathryn E. Bergmann, P.E. has worked for the clean water nonprofit, Well Aware, since 2013 and was additionally a member of the board for 2 years. She is also a founding technical member of Well Beyond, who are setting a new standard for the water aid industry. Through her professional career and her volunteer work in the social impact sector, Kathryn is pioneering innovative technology to develop a new method for engineering in her field.

She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering from University of Missouri – Columbia. She is a licensed engineer with over 9 years of professional experience in project management and expertise in structural design and rural water supply and development.

Bergmann began her career in structural engineering at a large Austin firm and later became Vice President of a local Missouri firm before co-founding Well Beyond in 2016, where she dedicated her professional knowledge to help improve the development sector through growing technology. Well Beyond has helped change the lives of thousands around the world through its clean water, sanitation and hygiene tools.

Dennis Mutaki

Dennis began his career as an engineer when he graduated from the University of Nairobi in 2017 where he studied Civil and Structural Engineering, while also specializing in Water and Resources management. At that time he worked for several construction companies in Nairobi as a Design and Site Engineer for different types of projects ranging from building structures to water supply projects.

Dennis always had the goal of giving back to the community and passing on his knowledge to the younger generation, which lead him to lecture at the The Kenya Water Institute in Water Resource Management.

In 2018, Dennis came to work with Well Aware, and subsequently found a career where he was able to use his expertise to change the lives of other through clean water. In addition to his work with Well Aware, Dennis also works with Well Beyond helping to deploy project monitoring app.


Joe Mbagia

Joe recently graduated from Chuka University, Kenya, with a B.Sc in Community Development. To him, community development serves as a channel to express his passion for helping others and serves as a platform for him to advocate for gender equality which he is a staunch believer in.

He is excited to put his degree to work by building relationships with Well Aware’s partner communities, and ensuring they are able to thrive with clean water.

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