Faces of Water


14 years old • Njoguini Primary School in Nanyuki, Kenya

Bernazin’s favorite subject in school is social studies because she wants to be a lawyer in the future. She hopes she can complete her education up to university with the help of of their new water project. She loves seeing people living peacefully in her community, Njoguini, but she has always worried about famine happening in Njoguini. During the dry season, she and her grandmother used to walk 4 kilometers to collect water from a borehole. Although the water they fetch may not have been clean, they still drank it straight. There were also days when they didn’t have water, during those days, they wouldn’t be able to cook, bath, water, and drink. But now, thanks to Njoguini’s new clean water system, these worries are a thing of the past.

“Water means life to me. Having reliable access to clean water means health and cleanness. It reduces water-borne diseases which my family members used to get sick from and we can also carry out irrigation.”

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