Faces of Water


Oloile Primary School, Kenya

Christine, having taught in many communities around Kenya, has been an educator for 32 years and currently resides in a remote community in southern Kenya. Some of her previous classes have had clean water and some have not, so she has seen both sides of what clean water, or the lack thereof, can do to a student’s success.

Oloile is about a four hour drive from Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city, where Christine travels before the school year begins to buy her students classroom supplies from her own income, since most of the children don’t have access to basic supplies like pencils and paper. And when asked what she was doing for water before the system, she replied that she had been taking three jerry cans every morning, before school started, to the river nearby and filling them up for her students because for some, that was the only water they would be getting at all.

That was before their new water system was implemented.

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“I take on my students as my own.”

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