Faces of Water


Cheptoroi, Kenya

Johnson is a father of four from Cheptoroi, Kenya. Johnson’s family used to walk 20 minutes to a lake to gather water. “I woke up early, before the animals, to get to the lake to fetch water & boil it for drinking. But when there are clashes [over water], you can’t go.”

Years prior to partnering with Well Aware, the community raised funds to build a new water project so residents could stop fetching from the lake. Unfortunately, that project failed not long after. “We had contributed to the construction of the borehole [well]. When it collapsed, we not only lost water but also money invested in the project.”

Now, with a new, sustainable water well drilled in 2019 by Well Aware and made possible by YOU, Johnson and the rest of the Cheptoroi community won’t have to worry anymore about fetching water from a lake, or a project failing. Their new well is providing lasting clean water and we will continue to work with local leaders to ensure the longevity of the system. For fathers like Johnson, this means less time walking for water — and more time building business or focusing on their children’s education.

“With water, I can be clean. It improves health, living standards, and saves time. I can also irrigate to grow crops for home and business”.

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