Faces of Water

Jonam & Bellan

16 years old • New Canaan, Kenya

Jonam (on the left) works hard at his studies so that he can become a doctor and help his community. Outside of school he loves playing football and at home he helps his family out on their farm. Jonam loves that his community is peaceful but one thing he worries about is the lack of proper housing. With the new water system, community members of New Canaan can spend less time on collecting water and more time on development. Water means more opportunities for Jonam and his community.

“It [clean water] is a crucial part of our environment that is crucial for both human and animal survival.”

Bellan (on the right) loves playing games, learning physics, and is one of the lucky ones in his family to be able to attend school regularly. At home, he is the third born of seven siblings where his main responsibility is fetching water to be used by the entire family. Bellan recalls that he remembers feeling so happy when he watched the new well being drilled in his community. When Bellan graduates school his dream is to be an engineer.

“Clean water means I will not be thirsty and I can clean my body.”


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