Faces of Water


39 years old • Sweetwaters Secondary School in Nanyuki, Kenya

Woman smiling with sunglasses on in front of well drill

Shelmith has been a teacher at Sweetwaters Secondary School in Kenya for 12 years now, and is always serving her community.

Before we implemented a new clean water well at the school last March (in partnership with Ol Pejeta Conservancy), her students and community often faced droughts leading to long-lasting water shortages. She explained that the nearest water source used to be a river 3 miles away, but when it dried up, she would have to walk up to 5 miles to another borehole.

Now, her community is thriving and healthier than ever!

"The problem of draught and lack of water for domestic use will be saved. There will be no famine and health issues will improve because of clean water. I feel that it will change many lives."

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