January 25, 2024

Looking Back on 2023 and Forward to the Future

2023 was an impactful year for Well Aware- we enhanced our project processes with support from brilliant partners, we impacted 53,400 more people with access to clean water, we held our first full team retreat, and launched our new initiative to bring toilets and sanitation to Kenyan communities.

The year also brought new challenges. With national charitable giving down and losing our office space abruptly, our team rose to the occasion with every curve ball to fight for our partner communities that need clean water. We worked around the clock to ensure we would meet our goals because we know the transformation that clean water has in an individual’s life, and that will always be worth the sacrifice. Thank you to everyone who showed up and played a role in making 2023 one to remember.

We Have Now Reached More Than 53,400 More People With Clean Water!

This year our team worked on 29 projects– including 14 new projects and 15 investigations and upgrades. Out of the 14 new projects- 8 rainwater purification and storage systems, 4 new borehole drills, 1 expansion, and 1 rehabilitation. Impact measurement surveys were conducted in 10 communities, Water Management trainings were conducted in 13 communities, and Sanitation and Hygiene trainings were conducted in 8 communities. As the year comes to an end, 53,400 more people will be going into 2024 with the security of access to clean, reliable water!

The Ripple Effect of impact is tremendous once clean water is available. Students can stay in school, mothers and fathers can earn proper incomes and contribute to the local economy, disease rates drop, and lives are transformed forever. That’s something to celebrate!!

2024 Is The Year of Toilets

With the announcement of our new initiative for 2024, we have a lot to look forward to this year. Having worked in Kenya for 14 years now, our team has consistently observed that, in most communities, once clean water is available, the lack of access to sanitation and toilets remains a significant barrier to education and good health.

We spent a few years hunting for organizations for partnership on latrine installation, but we found none dedicated to rural east Africa. So our determined team, after much research and planning, decided that Well Aware will take it on. Learn more about our Sanitation & Hygiene Work here.

We Couldn’t Do It Without Our Partners

2023 was also a big year for partnerships. Our journey with the Chris Long Foundation’s Waterboys began, and we collaborated to increase access to sustainable clean water for communities in Kenya together, implementing 2 new boreholes with the Waterboys. Sarah Evans and Chris Long appeared together on the Disruptors for GOOD podcast to discuss this new partnership and the importance of partnership and alliance in the water sector.

Our Classrooms to Clean Water Initiative partnered with 6 different Texas schools and Camila and Matthew McConaughey’s just keep livin Foundation to bring awareness of global water scarcity to students in advance of our annual Shower Strike Fundraiser. Participating schools- like Spicewood Elementary, Meridian World School, McCallum High School, and Austin Academy for Excellence- raised over $15,800 during last year’s Shower Strike! Watching students embrace activism for clean water is so rewarding, and we are excited to see what our growing number of classrooms can do this year!

Other Accomplishments in 2023

Well Aware was honored to be represented last year in Kigali, Rwanda at the International Water and Development Congress. Our U.S. Director of Projects and Structural Engineer, Kathryn Bergmann, was asked to present to the audience on our early success with our Well Beyond App by Well Aware and we’re so grateful to be a part of the critical conversations happening here in the heart of East Africa.

2023 was also a great year for Well Aware on charity rating websites! We were top rated on Great Nonprofits, we received Platinum on Guidestar, and were rated 100% on Charity Navigator.

Good News for the Water Crisis

We’re feeling optimistic after recent studies revealed that the number of people living without access to clean water globally has decreased from 771 million to 703 million since last reported. That means almost 9% more people have gained access to clean water, and we are committed to playing a growing role in making greater progress this year and in years to come.

As a small but mighty nonprofit, we couldn’t do this work without the support of each of our donors, volunteers, board members, friends, and family. There are not enough words to truly express our heartfelt gratitude for the support we received last year. Thank you to everyone who has been and began walking with us in the fight for clean water in 2023, and we look forward to the future with you on our team.

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