Ol Moran, Kenya

Improved Performance and Graduation Rates at Ol Moran Schools

The moment you walk into Ol Moran Secondary School, you are guaranteed a warm hearty welcome by the principal, John Kimathi, who has been there since the inception of Well Aware’s water system back in 2017. He is always quick to mention to anyone who walks in how the school has changed and continues to change due to the availability of clean and sustainable drinking water.

Back in 2017, the school pupils, both primary and secondary, were using one water source that they were sharing with the community. There were always long lines at the water point which was an inconvenience for not only the students but also the community as a whole. Students had to wait for several hours to fetch water, often missing class which resulted in bad grades not only at an individual level but overall – the school was not performing well. Ol Moran was also facing sanitation issues since the water they did receive was not sufficient to cate towards handwashing and cleaning.

Ol Moran students watching well drill

Now, fast forward 5 years later, the school is a model example of successful Well Aware projects. With the provision of a borehole well inside the school premises, it is now fully sufficient and no longer relies on the community water point. The students do not have to queue for long hours to get water, all they have to do is turn on a faucet five meters away from their classroom blocks to get clean water. This has significantly increased the time students have to study, which is evident in their grades and overall results.

“The borehole had instant impact on student population and improved grades at Olmoran high, primary, nursery and special schools. For example, at Olmoran High, students were 400 in 2017, but has since increased to 616 at the beginning of 2019 and the trend is the same in the other schools. Nine students, among them three girls, joined Kenyan universities with many more joining Diploma and Certificate colleges compared to much lower figures before 2017.” – John Kimathi, Head of Ol Moran Secondary School

Currently, Ol Moran is ranked as the best school in the county. Moreso, hygiene is a top priority of the school administration, and now with access to plentiful clean water, this is something that they are able to implement throughout the school. The classes are always clean, the kitchen is spotless and pavements all across the school are also clean.

Ol Moran has come a long way since 2017. Members of the community are excited about the prospects of growth that will happen there – students are rushing for an opportunity to study at one of the best schools in the county and parents are grateful for the academic success of their children. All of this success is attributed to access to clean and reliable drinking water. We look forward to watching the school and community continue to thrive and grow.

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