girl with bubble from Kithoka Kenya (Shower Strike 2018 project).jpg

Kithoka, Kenya

Kithoka is a community of 10,000 people outside of Meru, Kenya, which previously suffered greatly from inaccessibility of clean water. Although there were various private and county pipeline water projects, the water was unclean and rationed. Those who could not afford the pipeline water had to fetch theirs from the stream nearby. These unreliable, contaminated sources resulted in a high number of waterborne illnesses. The impact was particularly negative for the kids supported by the International Peace Initiatives (IPI), a local nonprofit organization that serves orphans and vulnerable children, providing them with a home, support system, and funds for their education. IPI also runs a development centre to support women with HIV/AIDS.

In 2018, Well Aware partnered with IPI and the community to bring clean water to the IPI Amani Children’s Home, the nearby primary and secondary schools, and the surrounding community.

This water project has high impact for the community that once struggled with water and sanitation issues. The strong leadership of the community will amplify the impact of this water project, contributing to their overall health and development. We’ve already seen the health of the kids improve greatly, and we’re excited to see the continued, positive improvement in the overall community.

Well Aware returned to Kithoka in November of 2019 and completed an expansion to add access points to the neighboring primary school, therefore increasing overall access to clean water in the area.

Project Type: New borehole

Project Completion: 2018; expansion in 2019

Population Impacted: 10,000

Location: Meru County, Kenya