Salaita, Kenya

More than 2,000 people live in the village of Salaita, including 200 students who attend the local primary school. For years now, the community has been struggling with lack of clean water, with everyone relying on a dysfunctional borehole that barely produces water each day.

Young girls and women spend their days waiting for their turn to fetch water, hoping to bring a single jerry-can of water home. Those who are not lucky enough to get water will have to wait to fetch water the next day. When rainfall is scarce- which it is often these days- the people of Salaita have to walk long distances, sometimes facing animal attacks or inter-tribal conflicts over the limited resources. The people are sick and suffering from preventable water-related diseases like typhoid and diarrhea, due to the lack of clean water. Children have been kicked out of school for “being dirty” and are unable to continue their education.

With the drought in the area continuing, the diseases, hardships, and daily challenges due to water scarcity will only continue...

With our 2018 Shower Strike, we will raise funds to implement a new project in this community. We are still currently wait for hydro survey results from the area and will move forward with project implementation once funds are available.

Funds from 2018 Shower Strike will benefit our work in Salaita, Kenya. Register for Shower Strike today to help change the lives of the people of this community.



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