April 5, 2024

Recruit Your Shower Strike Dream Team

Fundraising is always more fun when you have a team by your side to encourage each other, share ideas, and engage in some friendly competition. Plus, Strikers on teams raise more funds than individuals do, on average. This means the more people you recruit, the more likely you are to have a successful campaign, and you’ll make an even greater impact.

Why Fundraising with Others is Always Better

1. Commitment
When fundraising with others, you have a team of people dedicated to the cause. This group provides accountability, ensuring everyone stays focused and motivated. Going solo might lead to forgetfulness or demotivation, but being part of a team keeps you inspired, knowing your efforts are being counted on by others and contributing to a collective goal.

2. Knowledge Share
Team members can share knowledge and tips to help the group collectively succeed. Experienced fundraisers can mentor newcomers, while teammates offer encouragement, creating a supportive environment. It’s also more fun if you can share your experience – maybe skipping showers is getting hard for you, and you want to hear what your teammates are doing to stay clean. Even simply celebrating your progress as you go! With a team, you get to build camaraderie and discuss the difference you are making in the world.

3. Personal Leadership, Camaraderie, and Support
Part of what makes peer-to-peer fundraising an even more rewarding experience than simply donating to a good cause is the feeling that you are part of a community, working with like-minded people to do more than you could do alone. Fundraising as a team helps foster friendly competition and group morale in order to raise money for clean water. Plus, serving as a captain of a fundraising team is a great leadership opportunity. As a captain, you not only raise money but also volunteer to guide and rally your team.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

Tips for Recruiting your Dream Team

JUST ASK! After you create your team fundraising page, ask your network to join you. You can start by emailing, texting, or calling the people you think might be interested. Share with them why you’re participating, what you’re hoping to accomplish, and give them details about the impact they’ll make. You can share Well Aware project stories, blogs, water crisis facts, our impact report, and anything else you think will get them excited to join you. Then, make sure to follow up to get them officially committed and signed up! You can also post to social media asking your audience to join.

  • But WHO should I recruit for my team?
    Think about the people in your circles! You could invite your coworkers, family, friends, or all of the above! Whoever you recruit, this will be a great time for camaraderie and friendly competition. When groups of people come together locally to change lives globally, the impact truly transforms futures for so many.
  • Use Our Recruitment Templates:

START WITH A THANK YOU. As people join your team, send them a quick email/ text thanking them for joining and helping the cause.

ESTABLISH A GOAL. Once you’ve enlisted most of your team members, it’s time to establish a realistic fundraising goal for your team. All team pages have a default goal of $5,000 but this can be adjusted. You can set this independently or gather input from your teammates. Keep in mind, achieving your goal becomes much more manageable when everyone is united and working together towards a common objective!

MAINTAIN COMMUNICATION. After sending a group thank you for signing up, send periodic updates about the team’s progress and encourage people to share ideas about what’s working best. Maybe even start a group text to stay in touch! If you all live in the same city, you could even host meetups to kick off the campaign and encourage each other to help reach your goals!

BE YOUR TEAM’S #1 FAN. Be supportive and send along words of encouragement to team members as you work together towards the goal. Celebrate each milestone, donation, and achievement. That’s what it’s all about! You and your team are here to have fun, change lives, and feel rewarded in the process. You’ll feel amazing as you start to gain some traction, plus you’ll know you’re providing clean water for every effort you make!

  • PRO TIP: Find a sponsor for your team to match the donations you raise to double your impact! This could be your company, a local business, or a friend. It never hurts to ask, and people love being part of a match!

We’re so honored by your dedication to our clean water mission, and we can’t wait to see what you and your team will accomplish! Need help brainstorming or want support? Email us!


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