Become a Community Partner

Water systems are designed by our team of technical experts in collaboration with partner communities. Projects are funded by our network of donors, implemented by our team in East Africa, and maintained by the community and their water committee.

Request a Water Project

Project requests are reviewed and accepted based on viability, potential impact, and several other important factors. At this time, we are only actively implementing water projects in Kenya and Tanzania.

To request a water project in your community, download the form or fill out the form below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my project isn’t in Kenya or Tanzania?

Currently, we are only reviewing project requests from these two countries due to our in-depth local expertise which is critical for water project success. Although we plan to expand within the East Africa region, we are doing so slowly and carefully to ensure we adequately address the complex needs of each community and do not compromise the integrity of our water systems.

Do I need to fill out the project request form fully?

No, you do not have to fill out your form 100%. However, we ask that you fill out as much as you are able so we can get the most information possible for initial decisions and discussions with our technical team.

Who do I reach out to if I have questions?

Please email and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is the timeline after a project request is submitted?

This fluctuates depending on many different factors including location of the project, type of project, amount of investigation needed, funding already available for the project, etc. Once we have been able to review your request with our team, someone from our team will be in touch with any additional questions and next steps.

What are some of the initial criteria for accepting a project request?

Well Aware only completes water systems on community-owned land, as verified by the land deed requested in the project request form. Additionally, if the community is dealing with conflict or corruption, our team in East Africa will need to conduct additional investigation to determine whether or not it will be possible to work there.