March 12, 2020

Response to COVID-19: We Can’t Back Down Now in the Fight for Clean Water

Dear Well Aware Community,

The growing coronavirus pandemic provides a great challenge for us as a global society. Thousands of businesses, individuals, nonprofits, and communities are feeling the devastation this virus has caused and are anxious about what’s to come.

Here at Well Aware, we are feeling the effects as well.

Our biggest fundraising and awareness campaign of the year, Shower Strike, is coming up during a time where personal hygiene and handwashing is of the utmost importance.

We will not ask our Shower Strike participants to stop showering. There are many other alternatives to get involved in the campaign and make a difference. But with this recognition of the concern comes further recognition of the challenge we are trying to solve. How lucky are we to have water that we can use to wash our hands? And clean water we can drink to help our bodies fight off illness?

Imagine if we didn’t…..

Like the thousands of people in our East African partner communities who are waiting for access to what many of us have within a short grasp.

Our clean water efforts are more important than ever before.

This is our opportunity to further stand together and lift each other up. We can’t back down now in the fight for clean water. And we won’t. We hope you will join us as we press forward and continue to work around the clock to ensure more deserving people gain access to this most vital resource.


Kareece Sacco

Executive Director, Well Aware

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