September 17, 2019

Sarah Evans: Dig a Water Well, Make Magic Happen

One Sunday I went out to lunch with my girlfriend. In and of itself, not such an unusual thing to do on the weekend, however during that meal, a friend sitting at a neighboring table introduced me to Sarah Evans. She very well could be one of the most inspirational women I have ever met. Listen to her story and I think you will agree. When a friend in Texas asked her to help raise money to save her family’s farm animals from a drought in Kenya, Sarah realized there was a bigger need and a much larger opportunity to transform the life of a village, and a region. She set up a non-profit, Well Aware, and began drilling water wells in small villages in both Kenya and Tanzania. Doing extensive research, she developed an efficient, adaptable, sustainable process to build high functioning, and high-quality, wells. With good, clean, convenient water, thousands more children could go to school and many, many women were freed from millions of hours fetching and carrying water each day. They were now able to start businesses, and work to build a better future for themselves and their families.

Recently, Sarah started a second venture, Well Beyond Water, a consulting firm to help other water-related non-profits be more successful using data analytics and metrics.

Give a listen, be inspired!

About the Author, Chip:

I am a serial adventurer, an entrepreneur. a dad, a politician, an artist, an athlete, and a coach. I am always seeking to learn something new, something I do not know. I am also an owner. I have had enough. It is time for me to take a more forceful stand. I am starting a war of sorts. A war to fight this infection that is consuming too much of our lives. I will do EVERYTHING I can to bring people together to think bigger, wider, higher and lower. I cannot stand the ignorance and fear that is guiding too much of the world around us. I ask you to join me. Let’s partner together to build something that will stand against all the anger.


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