The Coach’s REAL Secret: Giving


Give the Gift of Clean Water

The REAL Secret is GIVING.

The more we give, the more we get.

That’s why I’m encouraging everyone to test the principle of generosity by giving back through clean water.

Clean water is a human right and, quite literally, is the foundation of life. We can survive longer without food than we can without water.​ But, 1 in 10 people lack access to this vital resource.

Our official program charity partner, Well Aware, is doing something about it. Scroll down to see how their work is changing the world.

Plus, what makes this even more amazing, is that..


That means for the cost of two coffees at Starbucks, you can give someone lasting clean water.

So, ready to do this? Can we reach 10,000 people with this life-giving resource? Let’s go!

– Akbar Sheikh

Make More, Give More

Funds Raised So Far:

About Well Aware

Well Aware is a 501(c)3 nonprofit with headquarters in Austin, Texas. They fund and implement lasting clean water systems to drive development and empower communities in East Africa.

Well Aware provides the most cost-effective way to save and impact lives through clean water. They are not just a water charity. They are redefining water aid delivery and management in Africa and our methods of efficiency and sustainability are setting a new standard.

Well Aware believes their responsibility to their partner communities goes far beyond the drilling of a hole. Nearly 60% of water projects in Africa fail, often within the first year. 100% of Well Aware’s water systems work and they last because of realistic, responsible planning and collaboration. Their partner communities are motivated, organized, and prepared communities who need only sustainable clean water to kick-start their success. That’s why Well Aware adapts each project according to the community’s specific needs and collaborates with local leaders to ensure the water system’s long-term success.

Why Water?


This severely inhibits individuals, families, and entire communities from leading healthy lives. And, it stifles development. Without clean water, education cannot thrive, gender inequality grows, and economic activity becomes stagnant.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, specifically, 40% of the 783 million people are without access to an improved source of drinking water, (United Nations). On average in East Africa, individuals (usually women and children) walk 3.5 miles to fetch water. Some, among the 159 million people globally, collect water from open water sources, such as rivers or dams, (WHO). All of these water sources are highly contaminated, dramatically impacting health. Nearly 1 million people die every year from preventable, water-related diarrheal illness.

What Makes Well Aware Different?

Not only does lack of clean water significantly impede sustainable development, but there is also great failure in the water aid industry that is working to address water issues. In Africa alone, 60% of water projects fail within the first year.

Through Well Aware’s technical expertise and community-driven approach, we have provided lasting clean water to more than a quarter of a million people across 65 projects in East Africa to date. And, Well Aware maintains a 100% success rate, compared with the average industry success rate of only 40%.

Learn more about what makes Well Aware different.