April 22, 2019

Students go on Shower Strike for Water Scarcity Awareness

ROUND ROCK, Texas – It might be a little stinky at two Round Rock Independent School District campuses as students are skipping showers to raise awareness about water scarcity.

  • Students ditching showers
  • Raising awareness about water scarcity
  • Helping build wells in East Africa

On Earth Day, students from two Round Rock ISD middle schools will participate in the Shower Strike fundraiser. Students will raise money to build wells and water systems in East Africa by pledging not to shower for an entire week.

The students also participated in a Water Walk where they walked two laps while holding a jug of water to show what life is like for some people to get water for their household.

Between the two schools, 1,500 students are participating and their goal is to raise $6,500.

Students have been learning about water scarcity globally since the fall through a partnership with the nonprofit, Well Aware.

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