Most water projects in Africa fail. Ours don’t.

Our 100% Success Model

Clean Water for Future Generations

Nearly 60% of water projects in Africa fail, often within the first year. This is caused by a variety of circumstances, but these two stand out as the leading factors:

  1. Lack of technical expertise and continued oversight
  2. Lack of community involvement

To this day, Well Aware maintains a 100% success rate, meaning each and every one of our projects is still functioning and providing lasting clean water to its respective community.

This success is not easy to come by. It requires innovation, expertise, adaptability, conscientiousness, and a commitment to the long-term success of our partner communities. 100% success is only achievable due to our robust sustainability model.

The Well Aware Difference

We have a team of technical experts.

This includes hydrogeologists, civil engineers and groundwater engineers who manage, plan, and design our projects from start to finish.

We are community-driven.

From the very beginning, we establish a true, collaborative partnership with each community. They present to us what their current water situation is, what their goals are, and how they plan to manage the project. From there, we work with the community to design a water system that will utilize their existing resources to kickstart long-term success.

We maintain partnerships and support ongoing water system needs.

This ensures the longevity of all of our water projects. While most of our communities are now self-sustaining, we regularly check in on our water systems to measure impact and our local team is reachable for problems that arise.

We utilize new technologies.

Technologies like solar power, UV purification, mobile apps, water kiosks, and mobile-to-mobile banking help make our work more efficient and cost-effective.

Featured Water Projects

  • Daaba’s Journey From Drought to Sustainable Water

    In 2011, Well Aware rehabilitated an existing borehole water well in one part of the community, and drilled a new well in another part. The resulting clean water has transformed the community and its future in many ways.Read More

  • Selina’s Wish for Water

    Spending many hours at the river reduced the quality of her work and she often had to carry the small baby to the river to get some water for basic cooking and cleaning. The water she fetched at the river was contaminated.Read More

  • Making history in Atot, Kenya

    It was such an excitement to 2,000 Atot community members when the drill rigs finally set camp to drill a brand new clean water well in their Turkana village in a very dry area of northern Kenya, Isiolo County.Read More

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The WellBeyond App

The WellBeyond app is one of the most useful tools for water system sustainability. The app helps partner communities diagnose and overcome common water well issues on their own. And, when necessary, it can help connect the Well Aware team directly to boots on the ground.

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Well Aware is committed to the continued, long-term success of all of our partner communities. As we continue to scale, we are dedicated to upholding the integrity of our water systems, maintaining collaborative community relationships, and ensuring lasting impact for generations.