August 3, 2022

The Power of the Village

Since the beginning, the Village, a dedicated community of monthly and annual recurring donors, has been a powerful voice of change for Well Aware. These inspiring clean water advocates commit to recurring donations that enable Well Aware to better plan and implement more water projects on a regular basis and ensure that we can continue to scale to reach more communities in East Africa. The Village wasn’t a concept born from Well Aware, but was suggested by a friend and donor who wanted to support the growing nonprofit in the most impactful and helpful way possible. That alone shows the power of Well Aware’s work – supporters are so dedicated and inspired that they will do everything in their power to grow Well Aware and clean water access.

From our very first project in Oltinga, Kenya to our most recent project at Tangi Nyeusi Primary School, the power of the Village remains the same. Clean water is the catalyst for so much positive change in the lives of individuals and entire communities. For Tangi Nyeusi, a mostly nomadic community where children were walking anywhere from 5-10km per day to just attend classes, a few short weeks after drilling a new borehole, the school welcomed over 50 new students. And, we expect to see more permanent housing to be established over the coming years, changing the landscape and structure of the community into something more permanent, healthy and sustainable for long-term growth. It’s times like these where we see the tangible impact of clean water and the power it has to uplift and empower its beneficiaries. This is truly the power of the Village. Clean water is one of many foundational blocks for community-building and strengthening, and the people who help fund and make water projects possible are a part of that foundation.



The power of people coming together for a common cause or goal is power in itself – every project since the very first one would not have been possible without our Village. But don’t get us wrong – The Village had humble beginnings, just like Well Aware. Even though it was a group of Well Aware’s most ardent supporters, the group was still small. It acted as a club where the thing in common was clean water access, and what came from that early group nearly a decade ago were ideas that helped shape and grow the organization into what it is today. And, most of that early group of supporters are still Village members to this day. That is the power of the Village.


The power of people coming together for a common cause or goal is power in itself.


Now, 12 years later, and after 100 successful water projects and over 300,000 lives changed, we want to thank The Village and its dedicated members for making this work possible. Without this group of now 200+ people, Well Aware would not be where it is today – an internationally recognized, award-winning nonprofit developing its very own technology to help with water system maintenance, all while maintaining a 100% success rate across all projects and international recognition. Now, we look to the future and ask what The Village – and you – have the power to do. We’ve already seen that a small group of people can transform and scale the work of an organization in just a few short years, and even further, can transform the lives of over 55,000 individuals. We look forward to watching the Village’s impact grow, and we ask that you consider joining this powerful community. Learn more here & join today.

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