Introducing the Well Beyond App

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The Industry’s First and Only Mobile App for Ensuring lasting Water Projects

The Well Beyond App is designed for community members to maintain and diagnose water systems, allowing them to prevent and solve issues on their own. In addition to keeping projects up and running, the new tool also aggregates valuable data on how the water systems are used, providing indicators of community-led success. It includes:


Water System Diagnostics


Project Reporting


Real-Time Chat Support & Remote Expertise


Community Impact Reporting


Maintenance Checklists


Service Requests


Water Management Training & Guides


Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) Training

how it works

Once initially downloaded, the app is fully functional offline, further ensuring accessibility for even the most remote populations in developing regions.

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When local leaders can diagnose and resolve issues with their water systems and remotely chat with experts in real-time, it means communities don’t have to wait days or weeks for repairs without their only source of water. It also lengthens the life of the water system and results in significant savings of both time and money.

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Despite thousands of nonprofits working to provide clean water in Africa, 60% of water projects fail, on average. But, after 12 years, each one of Well Aware's 80+ projects in East Africa continues to provide lasting clean water to its respective community thanks to our robust 100% success model that leverages technical expertise and a community-driven approach to enable the long-term success of all of our water projects.

And now, for the first time ever in the sector, we can provide a mobile app to further empower local communities to take ownership of their water systems. The Well Beyond App is the first and only patent-pending water system diagnostics and maintenance app.

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The Well Beyond app also enables Well Aware To:

  • Remotely manage, support, and report on all of our projects throughout East Africa

  • Discover trends in product and design to inform future projects for greater program success

  • Access complete project history in one location, including specifications, maintenance, reporting, and any issues

  • Track community progress, training completion, and knowledge gained

  • Collect data on water system success, measure impact, and ensure results

Success stories and testimonials

See the Well Beyond App in action with some of our first adopters in East Africa.

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Alamach, Kenya

Alamach reported that there was no longer water coming from the faucet of their Well Aware water project. With the app, we were able to remotely help them troubleshoot and repair the issue on their own. Instead of the ‘standard’ two weeks to resolve an issue of this type in East Africa, Alamach’s water system was back up and running in under two hours and at no expense to the community.


Olmoran, Kenya

When COVID-19 hit, we quickly expanded the app to deploy critical information to rural communities to help protect themselves against the virus. Olmoran was one of the first adopters. Remotely, we were able to provide sanitation & hygiene training to help prevent the spread of the virus. We also deployed water system maintenance tools to help the water committee prevent and resolve issues in real-time.

"The training is amazing..." - Naomi

"A very resourceful package which is very easy to understand. The Olmoran community is very grateful." - John


Kithoka, Kenya

The community of Kithoka was another early adopter of the app during the COVID-19 pandemic. We deployed sanitation and hygiene training, in addition to water system maintenance tools.

“The app has proven to be a great necessity in our community. The WASH tool is really great especially the option of training a group, it is relatively simple to train quite a large group. And the Swahili version has made it easier for the message to reach everyone despite their literacy level and economic background." - Naomi


Do people own smartphones in rural East Africa? Why is a mobile app the solution?

Yes, they do! 45% of adults in developing countries have a smartphone and 70% of sub-Saharan Africa has internet connectivity. Additionally, roughly a third (34%) of Kenyans between the ages of 18 and 34 own a smartphone, and most local leaders in our partner communities have access to mobile technology. Leveraging the prevalence of this technology allows us to quickly deploy our tool virtually, track use and engagement, and provide ongoing chat support and updates. Once initially downloaded, the app works offline, making it even more accessible for remote populations.

Why is project monitoring important?

Reliable monitoring and reporting are crucial to track the progress of sustainable development goals. Yet, in a 2011 report, the World Bank found that less than 5% of water projects are visited after they’re constructed, and less than 1% are monitored long-term. The longer a water system is down, the less likely it is to be repaired. That’s why it’s critical to monitor, identify, and resolve issues as soon as possible. With the Well Beyond app, real-time project monitoring is now possible.


About Well Beyond

Well Beyond is a women-owned and operated consulting and technology company serving the water sector to improve rural water supply worldwide. A social enterprise subsidiary of Well Aware, Well Beyond is leveraging technology and expertise to close the accountability gap in the rural water supply sector.

Learn more here.

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