March 8, 2021

Women in Social Impact: Hear from the Females Forging Change

While women are still underrepresented in most global industries, social impact companies are seeing a rise in female leadership and an increase in innovation as a result. This is especially impressive since they are having to forge new paths and break down long-standing barriers.

If you’ve ever wondered how these women have been able to accomplish their missions, then join us March 8th @ 4:30pm CST. We’re bringing four of them together to hear about how it really happens. Tune in to hear their stories, gain insight, be inspired, and learn from the women driving change.

Komal Dadlani (Panelist) – CEO/Co-Founder at Lab4U

Suhailah Waheed (Panelist) – Founder of Giving Geeks

Sarah Evans (Panelist) – Founder of Well Aware, Founder/CEO of Well Beyond

Nioma Sadler (Panelist) – Founder & CEO of WomenServe/ Co-Owner of Traditional Medicinals

Kareece Sacco (Moderator) – Executive Director of Well Aware

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