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I came across Well Aware and the Water Walk Event during my personal research online. When I read more on the Water Walk, I couldn't stop thinking of how an event like that would make a positive impact on my company and on the world. So, through a leap of faith, I asked to put on the event for my company, and I was fortunate enough to receive such a welcoming "yes" by my coworkers.

The lead-up to the Water Walk was just as fun as the event itself. We were able to get people excited about donating through educational emails, trivia questions and departmental competition. I was...


"...I believe that we can make a difference together"

Rather than being showered with gifts, Andy has decided to donate his birthday to African communities in need by creating a fundraiser on Facebook. He's set a goal of reaching $1,000 which seems quite feasible - in the first day alone managed to reach almost $200!

If you'd like to give the gift of clean water, follow the link to Andy's fundraiser:


Because of the amazing hard work of our #ShowerStriker participants, their incredible communities, and our generous donors, ShowerStrike 2017surpassed our goal of $175,000. We are now able to provide life saving, clean water to 17,722 people.

Thank you for everything that you have done to help make that possible!

And special big shoutout and heartfelt thank you to all of our #ShowerStrike individuals who went above and beyond, surpassing their $1,000 fundraising goals:


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All donations will be matched today only.

Donate Now

Because of the generosity of our matching sponsors, every dollar you donate today- up to $20,000- will be doubled. That means your $20 donation becomes $40, your $50 donation becomes $100--- twice as many people, twice as many lives will be impacted because of you.

Match Donors:


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"While the students are raising money for Well Aware, they are also learning about places they have never heard of and people and circumstances they don’t know exist."

This time of year, we share a lot of stories about the lives we impact through our wells and water systems in East Africa.

Today, we also want to share the story of one of our beloved Shower Strikers, Dawn Scholtens, a 2nd Grade Teacher who has been leading the "Sunset Stinkers" on a Shower Strike every year for the past 5 years. When Dawn registered this year, she shared the...


A: They will be featured at the Women in the World Summit this week at Lincoln Center in NYC!

You might have already heard that our very own Sarah Evans, Founder and Executive Director of Well Aware, was selected to be a Toyota Mother of Invention. This award honors the remarkable women who actively contribute to the community and the world through innovation, entrepreneurship, and...


Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for participating in our first annual golf tournament and benefit at The Hills of Lakeway Country Club !

The event was a great success! We had 20 amazing teams,10 generous sponsors, and dozens of volunteers join us on Monday, together raising over $18,000! That is enough money to fund a new water system that will bring clean water to 2,500 people for decades to come.

Want to learn more about Well Aware and the work that we do? Click the links below to learn...


Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for participating in Amplify Austin and donating to Well Aware! We are so honored that you chose to support the work that Well Aware does to build wells and water systems in Africa. Because of our generous partnership with GloFish®, we have been able to double every dollar you donated- meaning that even more life-saving clean water is available to those who need it most.

This year, we are excited to build new water systems in Olmoran, Kenya, as well as expand into Tanzania- and your support...


Amplify Austin is an online marketplace that connects with and inspires the people of Austin to make a difference in their community by connecting them with the causes they're passionate about. On March 2-3, they will host their annual Amplify Austin Day to celebrate and support nonprofits in Central Texas.

Well Aware has been selected to participate in this year's Amplify Austin! You can schedule your gift now, or join us on the 2nd of March, and donations will be...

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Dear Well Aware Community,

Happy early Valentine's Day! This is a great time of year to remember how important love is in our lives. The love we get to see every day from you and from the communities with whom we partner is enough to be the fuel that powers our work. And, we're honored to be the machine you trust to change lives with clean water.

This February is our most busy February yet. Because you helped us have such an effective year last year, we're off to an aggressive start in the field in Kenya. There are eight active projects right now, and there will be many more to...


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