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Building sustainable clean water solutions doesn’t simply stop after a well has been drilled or a new rainwater system installed -- that is just the beginning. Regular maintenance and continued monitoring are very important parts of any water project to ensure long-term system success and the continued flow of clean water.

Yet, in a 2011 report, the World Bank found that less than 5% of water projects are visited after they’re constructed, and less than 1% are monitored long-term. This contributes to water project failure in the industry, with 60% of water projects in Africa failing,...

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Mesret joined Well Aware as a Project Intern in 2020 and has proven a vital part of our team. She has helped design our water projects, train partner communities on system maintenance, conduct site visits, and report on project progress and actions needed.

Mesret is a 5th-year student at Egerton University pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Water and Environmental Engineering. She is from a community called Marsabit, in the Northern part of Kenya, where she has experienced firsthand the challenges that come with scarcity of water and other resources.

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It’s all in the numbers: 80+ projects, 12 years, 100% success the whole way.

At Well Aware, our mission is to provide what we call “Clean Water for Life.” This means that we are deeply committed to providing communities with a reliable, long-lasting source of clean water that will not fail, and will continue to provide clean water for life -- enabling entire communities and future generations to thrive, grow, and develop.

But, too many water projects in Africa fail to provide sustainable solutions. On average, only 40% of projects succeed, leading to wasted resources and donor...

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I am Dennis Mutaki, a Civil Engineer and the Project Associate for Well Aware, based in Kenya. Being in the industry of water provision for 12 years now, we are proud to say that we have maintained a 100% project success rate, compared to the average of 40%. This has not been by chance. It is through a detailed system of project management, maintenance, and follow-up that we have implemented in each of our 80+ projects to make sure every water system will be sustainable for the long run.

In honor of...

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We lost an incredible friend, family member and Board Member a few days ago. But, it doesn’t seem to do him justice by referring to him as only those three things. Geoffrey Ryder was (and will continue to be) a bright light radiating love and encouragement and positivity into anywhere he occupied any space at all.

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If you’ve been following Well Aware and our work, you’ve probably heard us talk about our team of technical or “tech” experts. We always mention how this is one of the main parts of our work that sets us apart and plays into our 100% success rate. But why? And, who are these experts?

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At Well Aware, community is one of our core values. When we begin any water project, we make sure the voices of the community we are working with come first. We build trust by being upfront about every step of our journey and what it takes to get there. We build these relationships by working side by side, hand in hand, as one community on a mission to bring lasting clean water.

This Water Awareness Month, we want to highlight just how important this Community-Driven Approach...


Early in July, the Well Aware team in Kenya joined water service providers from all across Kenya gathered at the Lake Naivasha resort for the Water & Sanitation Conference, hosted by the Water Service Providers Association and focused on the theme of unlocking the potential of women and youth for sustainable water and sanitation services. This in itself is a major milestone, as women and youth are two primary groups that encounter water, sanitation, and hygiene challenges on a regular basis, if not daily.

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2021 has already been a year of growth and change. Planning around ever-evolving variables - travel restrictions, covid numbers, vaccine roll-outs, and figuring out who we got to hug and when - proved difficult. But, with clean water needs as our steadfast focus, and since we are on a team of rockstars, our mission is now stronger than ever and 2021 will be our best year yet.