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Before we were able to do our first project as a nonprofit, we had this pesky problem of actually having the funds to do the work. We knew we needed a fundraiser, and we knew we needed to get creative since we had no money to host an event.

We work in clean water, so we decided we would go on a “Shower Strike.” There were 12 of us, and we each announced to our networks on social media that we would no longer be taking showers until we each raised $1,000 for our first water well. We raised $25,000 in one week, so we decided to make this quirky campaign an annual event.



I woke up this morning at 8am. My hair, feeling greasy from a previous day’s work, needed cleaning. So, I turned on the shower faucet and cranked up the heat, as I prefer my showers on the “scorching” side. I let the hot water run as I washed my hair, scrubbed my body, and shaved my legs.

Showering, for me, is meditative. In those ten minutes, I love the feeling of sensing my skin go from greasy to silky smooth. As I let the water hit my face, washing off my exfoliating soap, I feel as though I could stay there forever.


Contrary to belief that kids dislike rain, the boys and girls from Kenya’s Semi-Arid region love the onset of rain. In actuality, both young and old live for rain in these regions, never attaching to it the notion of “bad weather”. I had the pleasure of visiting with primary school pupils during these short rains, here’s what they think:

Muema from class 2 at Misuuni Primary says:



We are excited to announce these three new members on our Well Aware Board or Directors. We look forward to what these new members will bring to the organization through their innovative and insightful participation to drive Well Aware’s growth and development as an award-winning nonprofit organization.



Not showering for a week sounds crazy, but what if your ability to resist a shower could help thousands of people on the other side of the world get access to clean water? Shower Strike is your way to get involved in Well Aware’s mission of implementing clean and safe drinking water to those who need it most.


Celebrating International Women’s day is a tradition that dates back to 1909. The day originates from women fighting for better working conditions in the clothing industry, in return bringing needed attention to the women’s suffrage movement. In 1975, March 8th was chosen as the designated day to celebrate all women from all over the world (UN)! At Well Aware, commemorating this day is especially special and this International Women’s Day we invite you to celebrate with us!


An update from Well Aware community manager, Karen Kavete:

Meet Mwende and her classmates. They are pupils of Kiliku primary school ECD class. I found them playing in the school field past their home time and I was curious of the reasons. After bribing them with a few photos and videos, we became best of friends bubbling away about their school.

These students come from Kikomo some 3-4km away from Kiliku primary. Although there are other schools nearby their parents chose the school because of guaranteed feeding program, good performance, dedicated teachers. When you dig deeper...


I admit that I did not watch Super Bowl LII last night, but I did start receiving messages about one of the advertisements that played during the game shortly after it aired. I’ve followed the work of over the years and was aware of their partnership with Stella Artois, but their new campaign and messaging leave me with some questions and concerns (as it does with many of you, based on my inbox).

I’ll get right to it. There’s a lot that can be dissected and questioned, but I’ve listed the top inquiries about the...

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With a shy smile *Atieno approaches our tent quietly. Behind her are a couple more children all eager to see what the big trucks bring the community of Got Isimbo, in Ugunja, Kenya. We are here for drilling - a well in the making. The first for myself as well! I am as excited as the children watching stem after stem dash in and out of springs of muddy water.

We interact and I only learn little about their community, mostly because of language barrier. I ask about water and how they’ve been getting water. There’s a river nearby where the village sources its water. I ask about her...

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Kioko, a three-year-old boy in Misuuni, Machakos Kenya, enjoys a warm soda in the eastern heat. At the function, there was more soda than drinking water, probably owing to the high cost of bottled water and the scarcity of drinking water in the region. The nearest well is a couple kilometers away and does not serve the entire community... The situation gets worse: In homes where money is a problem, children are forced to take tea instead of water throughout the day.




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