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We are incredibly excited about Well Aware’s recently announced 2018 Global Impact Award Recipients who will be honored on December 1st at our Rockin’ In a Winter Waterland holiday concert. After much time, research, and consideration, we are proud to present our Global Impact Award to Dr. Auma Obama and our Ambassador of the Year Award to The Patt Christopher Project. These extraordinary people have gone above and beyond to enact positive global change. Their dedication to humanitarian issues is...

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We have some exciting updates- Well Aware’s Austin team is back in Kenya through November 17th! Our last trip in June was so fulfilling and productive, we were itching to get back into the field as soon possible. Now, after countless hours of planning, mapping, and organizing, we are finally back in Kenya, implementing two new drills in the communities of Miumbuni (Musalaani) and Salaita.

Right now, the team is on site in Miumbuni, which is home to about 3,000 people and is mainly populated with older adults and children, who attend the nearby Misuuni primary school. Previously,...

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It’s been an interesting couple of days in Austin this week. I woke up to a text from my mom letting me know there was a boil notice for our Austin city water. At 5am, I didn’t think too much of it, really… I proceeded with my morning routine - stumbling to the coffee pot and clumsily washing the dishes from the night before - and, I just added in an extra step. I wrangled my largest pot out of the cabinet, filled it with water, and lit the burner to boil it.

I announced to my 6 year-old, after she slithered out of bed an hour later, that we couldn’t drink the water from the faucet...

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With World Water Week in the rearview mirror but still on our minds, it’s important to review why there was a global decision to dedicate a week to this issue. Many of us were taught in school that water was undoubtedly a renewable resource, but in today’s world, that claim is now being contested. As our supply of groundwater steadily decreases and our natural waters (both fresh and salt) continue to be polluted, the prospect of ever-flowing clean water is one that shrinks more and more each year. This is why the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), created the Stockholm Water...

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If you know us well, you’ve probably heard us talk about The Well Aware Village (once, or twice or 500 times). The Village is our devoted community of monthly or yearly recurring donors. These inspiring supporters are truly the backbone of our clean water projects. They provide the sustainable funding we need to forecast more projects, scale impact, and improve budgeting.

The Village began in 2012 with only a handful of loyal supporters. It grew to 150 members as of August 2018, with members...


One of the most challenging milestones for all new nonprofits is developing a reliable source of funding that can be easily maintained and relatively consistent from month to month. A recurring donor program boosts your nonprofit brand, makes budgeting easier and has a remarkable financial return on team member efforts -- if it’s designed and nurtured properly.

At our nonprofit, we launched “The Village” in 2012 as our sustainable giving program. What began as a handful of loyal friends has since grown to more than 150 members, with monthly gifts ranging from $10 to $1,000. As of...

Rafikis 2018

Every June, Well Aware travels to east Africa with a special group of people. We call them “Rafikis” (Swahili for friends). These wonderful people are all Well Aware Village Members or long time donors and have taken this big step to join our journey overseas to see, first-hand, the work that we do.

The Rafiki trips are very memorable, often exhausting, and always inspiring. Each new traveler plays a role in our work while we are there, and the friendships made in the field are infinite.

This past trip was no different, and it was probably our most...


This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending the 8th Annual Crawfish Boil Bonanza on The Lake. The event is always open to the public with the purchase of a ticket, but this year it brought together family and friends for a memorable day taking place at the Marina on Scenic Drive in Austin, Texas.

Our gracious host Bo Rodman was welcoming and hospitable enough to provide Crawfish, beverages, live music, lake activities, local celebrities, and tons of friends. We’re overjoyed to have been able to meet and socialize with so many great people throughout the...


Samoyan is a ten-year- old boy from Salaita, a village in Kenya. He is enrolled at Salaita Primary School, the only school in this region. This school is excited to soon house a borehole which will serve as the main water source for the entire village!

Samoyan and his friends are excited about the upcoming borehole, because it will bring clean and safe drinking water to their community. Samoyan describes what the village endures during drought season - no drinking water for the entire period. Samoyan hopes that this borehole would prove sustainable and not just seasonal, so that the...


This year, Well Aware hosted our most successful Shower Strike to date. We were able to raise over 30% more than our last record year with our 240 Shower Strikers and 49 teams. The dedication of these amazing people allowed us to impact the lives of more than 24,000 people. Starting today, 24,000 more people in our world will gain access to clean, drinkable water.

One Shower Striker in particular added more than just a few drops in the bucket for our campaign. Mary Ellen Fine made a wave this Shower Strike and became the very first recipient of Well Aware’s Ripple Effect...