April 11, 2023

What #ShowerStrike Means to Me

Water scarcity is a global crisis that affects nearly 2.2 billion people—with nearly 40% of those without an improved source of drinking water living in Sub-Saharan Africa. Without access to clean water, education cannot thrive, gender inequality grows, economic activity becomes stagnant, and development is stifled. 

Every April, advocates from around the world join us for our weeklong Shower Strike campaign to raise awareness of water scarcity issues around the globe and to raise funds to help more people gain access to lasting clean water. Over the past 15 years of Shower Strike, we have raised over $2.2 million and provided clean water to nearly 197,000 people—and we’re just getting started

Shower Strikers Change Lives!

Not only does Shower Strike make an impact in communities throughout East Africa, but it also inspires benevolence and action in participants’ local communities! Hear from some of our Strikers about their experience joining Shower Strikes of years past!

Mary Elizabeth Ellis Day

“I participate in Shower Strike because I believe everyone deserves clean water. A clean, local well can have such a huge impact in providing a better life for any person, but especially a woman or child. That woman could be me. That child could be my son. It’s important to be active in making social advances both at home and in places I may never in my lifetime visit. And, doing something good like this feels good.

Through Shower Strike, I’ve had an opportunity to interact with people I haven’t spoken to in years as well as people I’ve never met. One piece of advice I would give for new Shower Strikers is to send personalized requests and thank you’s.”


Eric Bailey

“I Shower Strike because I want to help expand the reach of Well Aware to new communities. My favorite part of this is to be able to shower once I have met my goal. My advice to new Shower Strikers: Embrace the stink, reach out to your network, you’ll be surprised how many people are ready to help out a great organization like Well Aware.”





Karambu Ringera

“I participate in Shower Strike because I come from a place where water is very scarce and what is available is not safe for drinking. Many children get waterborne diseases because we do not have clean water. I wanted to support Well Aware to enable them to take clean water to more places, especially in Africa. I love inspiring people to donate to my Shower Strike and actually doing it – NOT showering! New Shower Strikers: You will have fun while supporting a worthy cause!”




Naomi Moss

“Everyone deserves clean drinking water and I am very impressed with Well Aware’s impact. I enjoy meeting amazing like-minded people in our community as we support each other to raise as much money as possible, and offsetting my massive water use for a week! Advice to new Strikers: have fun! And, social media is key! Post pictures and live videos to raise funds. Also, if you go into a small business and ask if they want to support the cause, you can grab a photo and post a thank you on their social media pages, as well as your own!”




What was the best part about participating in Shower Strike?

  • “Making clean water happen!”
  • “How many people we could facilitate to have clean water, and being reminded of how many great people we are surrounded by!”
  • “Sharing this amazing cause with coworkers, friends, and family and the response from them!”
  • “The positive encouragement and the confidence in the effect of the movement and team behind it.”
  • “Creating awareness to well wishers to support the community to get clean water.”
  • “Getting to spread the message about this powerful mission.”

Shower Strike Starts with YOU!

Shower Strike is almost here! On April 19–25, 2023, we ask you to join us by Skipping Showers, Walking for Water, or Just Fundraising to support the construction, implementation, and maintenance of clean water projects in East Africa. 

It is with your dedication and compassion that we are able to change lives, transform futures, and enable communities to thrive for years to come through Shower Strike!

What is Shower Strike?

Shower Strike is a nationally-recognized fundraising event that makes it easy for you to make a big impact in a short amount of time—whether you participate as an individual or a team. From pledging to Skip Showers for the week, to Walking for Water each day, there are a variety of ways you can join in and make a difference!

Plus—every $15 raised provides 1 person with access to reliable clean water for life. What are you waiting for? Sign up for Shower Strike today before it’s too late!

You don’t have to wait until April 19 to get started! When you join today, you can start sharing your fundraising goal across your network, increasing your likelihood of exceeding your goal by April 25!

The Resources You Need to Get Started

When you sign up for Shower Strike, we make it simple for you to promote your fundraising goal! We offer a variety of fundraising tips, email and social media templates, donor gratitude templates, media assets, and so much more!

Use Social Media to Boost Donations

Reaching out to your network of colleagues, friends, and family is a great way to raise more toward your Shower Strike fundraising goal. Before Shower Strike begins, share your participation on social media platforms as a way to recruit others to join you! For general social media tips, click here!

We’re excited to announce that this year, we created four social media challenges for you to participate in to spread the word about Shower Strike. Plus—when you share on your social media platforms and tag @WellAwareWorld with hashtag #ShowerStrike, there’s a chance for your content to be reshared by our team—boosting your donations!

To learn more about our social media challenges and how you can join in, click here

Sign Up to Strike

Ready to get started making an impact with us for Shower Strike 2023? Follow the steps below to sign up now!


Skip Showers with Well AwareStep 1: Register

You can participate as an individual, team, company, or school. 

Step 2: Set your fundraising goal & customize your page.

Tell people why you’re joining the Strike. This helps make your fundraiser unique to you and shows your network why they should support your efforts.

Step 3: Start fundraising.

Once the week of Shower Strike kicks off on April 19, 2023, the idea is to Skip Showers, Walk for Water, or Just Fundraise until you reach your goal! 

Step 4: Celebrate when you crush your goal!

Whether it’s day 1 or day 7, celebrate reaching your fundraising goal and don’t forget to thank those who supported you along the way!

Click here to read our other Shower Strike blogs and we hope they empower you to make the biggest impact possible!

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