Meet the individuals whose lives have been transformed through clean water thanks to Well Aware's supporters.

Kantai Rekui Parsakei.jpg


Kantai is an advocate for human rights, enjoys history and politics, and working towards becoming a lawyer when she’s older. Her studies, however, used to be interrupted when she would miss class to gather water. Now, Kantai is able to fully focus on her schoolwork again with the reliable clean water well we drilled in March at her school.

“There will be no more leaving classes to go fetch water!”

Wahome Joan Nyokabi (2).JPG


Wahome dreams of becoming a lawyer. Previously, Wahome's family utilized sparse rainfall for their water needs. This uncertainty and lack of reliable access to clean water put a lot of stress on Wahome and made it hard for her to concentrate on her studies. But, now, these worries are a thing of the past.

A new water well was drilled at her school in March, and now, not only do Wahome and her 350+ classmates have a lasting source of clean water, but they can also focus more fully on their dreams and aspirations.

Tobias Thangari 2.JPG


"Water is everything. Without it, you can not live."

Meet Tobias, 13 years old with aspirations of becoming a neurosurgeon. Currently, Tobias has to walk to the river to fetch unsafe water three times a week. But, with the new water well we are drilling in his community this week, Tobias will soon gain access to lasting clean water. "I won't have to go to the river to fetch water!"

Grace Wairimu.JPG


“Water is life! We use it for agriculture, drinking, and bathing."

Meet Grace, 12 years old in Kitengela, Kenya. Every day, she helps her father collect water from a well a mile away and sometimes misses school to do so. Soon, though, Grace’s water worries will be a thing of the past, and she can focus on her dreams of becoming a teacher. "We have good teachers here. I want to become one, too."

Tashline Wambui 2.jpg


Tashline is 13 years old, full of spunk, and currently attends the Ingrid School outside of Nairobi, Kenya, with aspirations of becoming an actor. “I want to be the center of attention.”

With the addition of a clean water source at her school soon, Tashline will no longer have to worry about access to sufficient water. She and her fellow students will have the plentiful water they need for drinking and cooking, and sanitation at their school will improve drastically.

Thank you for helping stars like Tashline shine with access to lasting clean water.

Faizal Ondieki 2.jpg


Meet Faizal - 12 years old at Ingrid School in Kenya, who dreams of becoming a farmer. "When I plant my crops, I will help people."

Right now, Faizal is not happy with the current water situation at his school, because it is rationed by county services for one day each week, making it difficult to maintain sanitation and cleanliness. But, thanks to your support, Faizal and his fellow 230+ students will soon have a lasting and plentiful source of clean water.

"The new water is going to improve the school's hygiene and help me in cleaning."

Eddie Eddy(faces of water) 2.jpg


“Life is easier with water available.”

Meet Eddie from Mirera, Kenya, where we recently completed a rainwater catchment project for a local primary school and the surrounding community, supporting 3,000+ people.

Eddie says that before the new water system was implemented, their community often had a shortage of water due to seasonal sources. Now Eddie says she never has a day where she lacks water. Thank you for supporting so many like Eddie!



Meet Alice from Sweetwaters Secondary School in Kenya. She loves mathematics and dreams of being a doctor. In March 2020, Well Aware drilled a new well at her school, and Alice shared her thoughts on the impact of the project:

"It will minimize water shortage and minimize time wasted [fetching it]. It will also save the school economy, instead of buying water. The water will offer a sense of security against COVID-19 to our school since there will be enough water for cleaning our hands."



“I have enough time to study now. Clean water is everything.”

Meet Kelvin, 16 years old, from Mirera, Kenya. Before Well Aware was able to implement a rainwater collection system at his school in January, Kelvin used to walk 2 km daily to fetch unsafe water.

Now, Kelvin can spend less time walking for water, and more time focusing on his studies and dreams of becoming a doctor. “Science is the best!”

THANK YOU for supporting the futures of so many like Kelvin.

Cheptoroi- Johnson- June_2019 (round 5) Johnson 2.jpg


Cheptoroi, Kenya

“With water, I can be clean. It improves health, living standards, and saves time. I can also irrigate to grow crops for home and business”.

Meet Johnson, a father of four, from Cheptoroi, Kenya. Johnson’s family used to walk 20 minutes to a lake to gather water. “I woke up early, before the animals, to get to the lake to fetch water & boil it for drinking. But when there are clashes [over water], you can’t go.”

Years prior to partnering with our team, the community raised funds to build a new water project so residents could stop fetching from the lake. Unfortunately, that project failed not long after. “We had contributed to the construction of the borehole [well]. When it collapsed, we not only lost water but also money invested in the project.”

Now, with a new, sustainable water well drilled in 2019 by Well Aware and made possible by YOU, Johnson & the rest of the Cheptoroi community won’t have to worry anymore about fetching water from a lake, or a project failing.

Their new well is providing lasting clean waterand we will continue to work with local leaders to ensure the longevity of the system. For fathers like Johnson, this means less time walking for water -- and more time building business or focusing on his children’s education.

Julieta Akiru 2.jpg

Julieta, 17 years old

Daaba, Kenya

Julieta loves singing and reading books, and her favorite school subject is math because she likes to calculate.

At home, one of Juliet’s duties is collecting water. She used to walk long distances with her sisters and brothers to fetch some, and the water available sometimes made her sick. Now, thanks to the Well Aware community, Julieta has access to a reliable clean water project within her community. Julieta told us in January 2021, “We depend on water for surviving. I can clean my body every day, plant trees, and farm.”

Because of you, Julieta and thousands of girls no longer spend their days collecting water. They can focus on their dreams, like Julieta’s hope of becoming a doctor. Thank you for empowering others to live healthier, brighter lives.

Maureen Mutindi (1).JPG

Maureen, 14 years old

Mutaki, Kenya

Maureen aspires to be a musician & perform the songs she writes. Her favorite subject is Swahili because it's the language she uses to write her songs. Her family moves a lot based on access to water, and when asked what her personal goals and hopes are, she stated she wanted to "help my community access clean water." Currently, she walks 3km every evening to a nearby river to collect water for her family. When asked how reliable access to clean water would change her life, she replied it would "make life simple."

Well Aware will soon complete a new water project in her community.

Peter, Cheptoroi.png

Peter, 45 years old

Cheptoroi, Kenya

Peter works as a school guard for the Cheptoroi Primary School in Nakuru County, Kenya, helping to protect and serve over 600 students. He is a father of five, whose biggest concern is drought because of the water scarcity it brings.

His greatest goal is to see his kids finish school. Previously, his wife collected water from a river that is dirty and dried up seasonally, leaving them without a reliable water source. Peter’s kids often fell sick from the water collected.

Now, thanks to your support, Peter and his family won’t have to worry about where to collect water. Their community has a new, sustainable well, and they won’t have to rely on unsafe sources.

“I feel like a human being now. I have water, which is a basic human right.”

Musalaani-nov-2018 Saulo Nthenge (3).jpg

Saulo, 76 years old (right)

Miumbuni, Kenya

For all his life, Saulo has lived in Miumbuni, which he describes as a warm and sunny place. He and his wife are farmers and together they have nine kids. One day, he hopes that there will be enough water for the whole community. “My greatest challenge,” he told us, “is water.” Every day, his kids must walk to gather water from the local pond, which is highly contaminated and dependent on rainfall. In the past, water systems (by organizations other than Well Aware), have dried up and failed. But, Saulo remains hopeful because clean water would give his family something safe to drink and allow them to cook hygienic food.

Saulo told us in November 2018: “Water is my life and without water, there is no money. I am very happy to see the well being drilled.”

John - Kaliini Primary School.png


Kaliini Primary School, Kenya

John is a 14-year-old student at the Kaliini Primary School in Kenya. Thanks to the generous Well Aware community, we implemented a sustainable clean water system at John’s school in 2017. Now, with access to reliable clean water, John is healthy and can focus more on his goal of becoming a doctor.

John told us in 2020 that "water is life."

3 IMG_1137.jpg


Ndabibi, Kenya

Macharia (not pictured) is the Chairman of the Water Committee in Ndabibi, Kenya. Since Ndabibi's sustainable water well was implemented in 2014, Ndabibi continues to see incredible success & growth. Education has improved, the community is healthier, commerce is thriving.

Macharia told us in 2020: "The water helps in stopping the spread of the virus. The water project is close to the trading center which has heavy flow of traffic throughout the day. Most get water for their handwashing stations here which helps them a lot as they do not have to travel huge distances to get this commodity."

Eunice - Cheptoroi.png


Nakuru County, Kenya

Madam Eunice is the Headteacher at Cheptoroi Primary School. Since Well Aware completed a new well for the school in 2019, school attendance and performance have improved.

Eunice told us in August 2020: “Well Aware has provided us with water for the school and community. Our pupils can now drink clean water while at school. Also, they can use water to keep down dust in our earthen floor as often as possible which keeps off respiratory diseases related to dusty places. As a result, school attendance has improved as well as performance.”

Sauit Kuu-53 Samuel Moses 17 (1) (1).jpg

Samuel, 15 years old

Sauti Kuu, Kenya

Samuel's favorite thing to do is school. He loves biology because it teaches him more about living things. At home, he helps make sure that his two younger brothers complete their homework and wash their utensils. One day, Samuel hopes to be a construction engineer - known worldwide for his great work. However, his greatest challenge is that his village does not have clean drinking water and they have to go look for it in another village.

Samuel told us in February 2019: “Water is life to everyone and everything. Without water, no one can stay alive. I’m happy to see the new well being drilled... it will [prevent] a lot of waterborne diseases.”

Musalaani-nov-2018 Ndulo Makao.jpg

Ndulo, 11 years old

Miumbuni, Kenya This is Ndulo. Ndulo loves athletics and one day hopes to become a doctor. Her favorite part about the community of Miumbuni is all the good-hearted people there. Her greatest worry, though, is that there isn’t enough water. Her mom must walk five minutes each time they need to get water. But, that isn’t always enough and whenever they don’t have water, she describes it as horrible conditions because they can’t cook or clean the house. Even when they get water, they sometimes become sick because of it. Ndulo told us in November 2018: “With fresh water, my family and I will be able to water trees to sell as a source of income… Water is the source of everything and I'm very happy to see that a new well is being dug.”

Rose in Njoguini, Kenya.JPG

Rose, 13 years old

Njoguini, Kenya

Rose’s chores at home are fetching water, gathering firewood and grazing the cattle and sheep. She and her siblings walk 4 kilometers to fetch water daily. The water is not clean and her family often gets sick from it, but they don’t have another water source.

At school, Rose likes studying English because she enjoys being able to connect and communicate with visitors. She hopes she can get a sponsor to support her in completing secondary education.

Rose told us in March 2019: “Water means life. Reliable access to clean water would change our lives. We would be healthier because it would reduce waterborne disease, help cleanliness, and also support irrigation.”

Jeremiah - Irbaan Primary School Narok County, Kenya.png


Narok County, Kenya

Jeremiah (not pictured) is the Headmaster at the Irbaan Primary School in Narok County, Kenya. In 2013, Well Aware, in partnership with the Nobelity Project, completed two new water systems that have enabled thousands of students to receive an education and better health.

Jeremiah told us in 2020: "Availability of water has made it possible for people to exercise handwashing at home."

New Canaan_-27 Goes by Ian (Joseph Wachira) (2).jpg

Ian, 9 years old (left)

New Canaan, Kenya

Ian loves playing ball in his free time. His duties at home are washing dishes and herding goats. Every day, he walks for an hour to school, where his favorite subject is Kiswahili, although he told us that “school gives too much homework and no time to play.” What he likes the most about his community is that he can always invite other kids to his home to watch TV together. One day, Ian wants to be a driver and own his own big house. Before the well was implemented, Ian told us that his dad used to walk 40 minutes every day to fetch water- a task that took away from other important activities.

Ian told us in January 2019: “I am happy to see the new well being drilled. When it’s done, my dad won’t have to go so far for water and I can also go fetch the water by myself.”


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